Türk Kültüründe Kemik ve Kemikten Dirilme Motifi

Throughout centuries, Turks have encountered and embraced diverse religious and belief systems, shaped by factors such as living conditions, geographical location, and interactions with various religions and states. This intricate cultural tapestry has given rise to a rich array of beliefs and practices. Among these, the concept of "bone" holds profound significance within the realm of soul continuity and resurrection motifs. Revered in diverse systems such as Shamanism and Animism, bone retains its importance within the context of Islam as well.This study delves into the prominence and role of bone in Turkish culture, examining its relevance in both the continuity of the soul and the motifs of resurrection and revival. Drawing upon insights gleaned from historical and contemporary sources, we aim to evaluate these themes, transcending the limitations of a single religious or belief-based perspective. Instead, we strive to provide a comprehensive understanding of bone and bone-related resurrection motifs in Turkish culture.


Turkish culture, bone, resurrection, revival, Shamanism, Animism, Islam