Hüseyin Atlansoy Şiirinde İroni

Forming the contrast via the existing reality is aimed in irony, which is defined as implying the opposite of an expressed word; and which is a witty, humoristic and sarcastical style. In this sense, the purpose of the artist for using irony is to provide insight into the experienced nonsense and contradictory events more effectually and strikingly; and to explain all this as if a natural event by hiding the core. Many thinkers have thought over the concept and the nature of the irony. Philosopher Kiergekaard, one of the most well-known intellectuals, states that the irony is a metaphysical goal by remarking that the irony has no external target and that the target is included in itself. According to him, the goal is nothing but the irony. Irony, one of the narrative styles frequently used by the artists in Turkish Literature, is a poetic opportunity which is also preferred by Hüseyin Atlansoy. When his poems are examined, we see that his aim is not just to make irony. Considering irony as a troublesome subject, the poet determines its starting point as the attitude of an intelligent and an elite person towards life. According to him, if a poet puts irony at the center of life and poetry solely, some problems may arise. Irony can also include corruption within itself. That’s why irony must be used moderately. On one hand irony can offer great opportunities for a person to develop and renew his art, but on the other hand, it can be the exact opposite. On the other hand, Atlansoy has benefited from the possibilities of ironic expression since his first poems. The universe vision and ontological stance present in his first poems sees the universe as "black" in its infinite emptiness, and the poet tries to balance this weight with an "ironic attitude".


Irony, Hüseyin Atlansoy, poem, 80’s Generation