Memluk Kıpçak Türkçesinde Yinelemeler

The vocabulary of a language is not just composed of words. Proverbs, idioms, riddles, hendiadyoin, repetitions and relationship words also form the vocabulary of a language. The stereotyped words are composed of at least two words, which occured within a certain time and changed according to the structure of the society. Although these words are formed by more than one word, but they are used as a single concept by fusing together in a certain time. In case of Compared to other languages, Turkish has a richer structure in terms of stereotyped words (proverbs, idioms, riddles, hendiadyoin, repetitions and relationship words). The stereotypical words of the historical and contemporary dialects of Turkish language have been the subject of study by many researchers. In this study, we focused on the repetitions in the texts of Mamluk Qipchaq Turkish, which developed in the lands of Egypt and Syria between the 13. and 15. centuries and has the characteristics of a transitional language. For this purpose firstly, seventeen hand writing books of Mamluk Qipchaq Turkish period were scanned and repetitions reflecting the language characteristics of the period were identified, then the obtained structures were tried to be classified in the light of previous similar studies.


Mamluk Qipchaq Turkish, Stereotyped Words, Vocabulary, Repetition.