Words of Turkish Origin in Russian: Names of Military Camps

Abstract If we group the words of Turkish origin in the Russian language according to the scope, we will see that the words related to the military field have a significant place in this case. Thus, the existence of words of Turkish origin, including military lexical units, in the East Slavic languages, especially in the ancient layers of the Russian language, is a fact. In this sense, the fact that the terms that are the main means of expression to express only one concept are of Turkish origin proves what we say. Although these historical words no longer have the same meaning, they are still considered active words in the Russian language by changing their meanings. In our article, we have decided to talk about the words used in the Russian language in the sense of military camp, camp. Theese are: stan, koş, tavar, çadır(şater), kolımaqa, kuren, orda, tabor words. In our study, the history of registration of these words in Russian written sources, terminological features, lexical-semantic features of words in this language were studied. To this end, we have substantiated our conclusions in this direction, taking into account the military terms in the Russian language.

Anahtar Kelimeler

tovar, turkism, stan, ordu, Russian