Ordu İli Perşembe Yöresi Yer Adları

In our country, which spreads over a wide geography, the names of the regions where the folk communities live attract attention by linguists in terms of semantic, morphological and phonetic, and these place names are a valuable language argument. Place names can convey a lot of information from the past to the present, as well as shed light on many areas from the history of a society to the geography in which it lives, and reveal many clues about that society. Although each place name has an adventure of emergence according to the region where it is located, it is seen that that placename has the characteristics of formation, development and change in terms of naming in its historical course. These features of place names are reflected in the relevant sources and can be passed on from generation to generation by the public. In the study, an onomastic (toponymous) study was conducted on 54 place (neighborhood) names in Persembe district of Ordu province, which has linguistic diversity in place naming due to its historical and geographical features. There are historical, renamed and newly established regions within the boundaries of the district, and therefore the naming of these regions also shows features worth explaining in terms of semantics, morphology, phonetics and origin information. In the research using the descriptive method, tahrir, avarız, population books and official records were used. Information was collected from the people and neighborhood headmen on the place names deemed necessary and the tendencies of giving the names of the neighborhoods were tried to be revealed. In summary, what do the place names tell us in this study? Answers will be sought within the scope of the district of Persembe.


Toponomy, Perşembe, komonim, sound events.