Olma Hali (İn Mediis Rebus) / Yaşar Kemal’in “İnce Memed” Romanı: Aşkın Yurtsuzluk Yönelimsizlik Coğrafyasında Yazınsal Haritalama

Geography is one of the sciences that deals with and synthesizes the effects of places on earth in different ways on people. One of the characteristics of the science of geography is that it reflects the cultural values that emerge in societies as a result of the influence of nature, while dealing with the physical spaces of the earth. Because of this feature, literature that deals with the effect of space on people is also in close relationship with geography. Because the writers and poets of literature, the psychological states that reflect the spatial perceptions of individuals and societies include in their works.The essential nature of the work of art is the world and the inspiration from the world. Regardless of its subject, ends and scope, it makes sense within a human-based structure. Our state of being still is on the concrete points of the same universe. In this respect, they strive to reproduce concrete maps and abstract designs within the boundaries of reality through fiction. To remake is to take the attitude of making a new reality with the text.In this study, the relationship between geography and literature is explained through the İnce Memed novel series of Yaşar Kemal, the most important geographical location writer of Turkish literature. In the study, firstly, the physical spaces in the novel were coordinated in Google Earth program and mapped with Arc Map 10.2 software. Then, the area of existence of cultural geopolitical structures that emerged as a result of geographical and human effects in the real places determined in the novel was determined. Finally, metaphorical meaning expressions, which are cognitive reflections of the psychological and sociological effects of geographical factors on the individual, were determined.


Geography, mapping, place, Yaşar Kemal, İnce Memed.