Tarihî Türk Lehçelerinden Kazakçaya Hayvan Adları

Kazakh, which is in the North-West (Kipchak) group of contemporary Turkic dialects, is a very rich Turkic dialect in terms of vocabulary. The general vocabulary of Kazakh is composed of words of Turkic origin and the derived forms of these words. In this study, starting from the Old Turkic, the vocabulary of the Turkic language was scanned to cover all other historical periods and works, the words used as animal names were determined and how the words were reflected in the vocabulary of today's Kazakh language was investigated. These identified words; It is given in detail in which source, in which historical period and in what sense it was used. In addition to this, information is also given about the phonetic and semantic changes of the words related to the animal name seen in the historical texts of Turkic when they are reflected in Kazakh. In addition, it has been determined that some words seen in historical texts are not of Turkic origin, and information is given about the language and form in which these words are quoted.


Historical Turkic dialects, Kazakh, vocabulary, animal names.