Eski Türkçeden Türkiye Türkçesine Kadar Gelen Dinî Terminoloji

Religious terminology points to an important area that reflects the belief culture of the society. Focusing on religious terminology in vocabulary studies provides important data in terms of seeing the religion-centered socio-cultural changes and unchanging elements that the society has experienced from the oldest period to the most recent period. In the course of history, every society has been involved in various belief systems. Each belief system has brought its own vocabulary and this has revealed a constant change in religious vocabulary. However, there are some unchanging issues as well as the changes in the vocabulary of societies, which requires dwelling on this part. It is a situation on which it is agreed that the Turks have been included in various belief systems from the earliest known period to the present day. This brings with it a significant diversity in the religious vocabulary. In the examination made within the said diversity, it is noticed that some words have survived by preserving themselves from the oldest period to the present day. In this study, we focused on such words, and the words that came from Old Turkish to Turkey Turkish without any change, came with a sound and meaning change, came with a meaning change without a sound change, and words that came with a sound change without a meaning change were determined


Religious Terminology, Vocabulary, Belief, Change