Osmanlı Türkçesi Döneminde Yazılmış Yemek Kitaplarında Türk Mutfak Kültürüyle İlgili Bazı Terimler Üzerine Değerlendirmeler

Culinary culture in Turks is based on a long standing history. This has started with the first hunting and gathering activities and has been transferred from generation to generation with the experiences of the Turks, who were also affected by the geographies they settled in during the time period from Central Asia to Anatolia. The traces of the mentioned cultural background can be traced from our first written documents. Numerous works have been written in the field of Turkish language for centuries in many fields, including basic sciences, humanities and social sciences and health sciences. Culinary culture is one of these areas that is generally considered in social sciences as a part of culture. It is also known that specific studies have been carried out on this subject with many examples, Turkish language's first known dictionary, Dîvânu Lugâti't-Türk as being in the first place and in various dictionaries, proverbs and idioms, folk narratives, literary products, and literature. Especially in the Ottoman Period, many works have been written that include topics such as eating and drinking culture, cooking methods, table manners, Turkish and European cuisine. It can be said that there are some manuscripts related to the cookbooks that constitute the main material of our subject, as well as many cookbooks written in the Ottoman Turkish Period (especially in the 19th century). In this study, brief information will be given about the cookbooks written in the Ottoman Turkish period, especially with examples from the works written in the 19th century and some Turkish or translated terms to Turkish (names of food and tools) related to Turkish culinary culture will be evaluated.


Ottoman Turkish, Culinary Culture, Cookbooks, Turkish terms.