Recâî-zâde Ahmed Cevdet Dîvânçesi’ndeki Deyimler Üzerine

Idioms, which are the carriers of cultural memory, are one of the most important dynamics of Turkish. Poets, who are generally more meticulous about using language, have used idioms to make the meaning more effective. Classical Turkish literature poets, who are members of the society, have also included artistic expressions by using these patterns. It is observed that many poets cite proverbs and often idioms. However, there are some poets who used these expressions more because of the conditions they had or the style they adopted. In classical Turkish literature, poets have also used idioms for reasons such as giving a message to the reader, adding depth to the word, or saying a lot with fewer words. Some poets even made the use of idioms a part of their style. Recâî-zâde Ahmed Cevdet, one of the 19th century poets, was also a person who made use of idioms. Recaî-zâde Ahmed Cevdet was a poet born in Istanbul. There is no information about his date of birth. Ahmed Cevdet, whose father was a poet like him, died at a young age, but was able to complete three works in his life. One of these three works is Divanche, which is the subject of the study. In Divanche, which has a plain and sincere style, the influence of the localization style is generally seen. In this work, which is not very long, the use of idioms draws attention. From this point of view, the idioms in Recâî-zâde Ahmed Cevdet'sDivanche will be examined, and the idiom use of the poet will be explained through the examples in the study.


Idioms, 19th century, Recâî-zâde Ahmed Cevdet Divanche