Salâlar ile İstiklâl'e

Although sala or salawat, which means prayer to the Prophet Muhammad (sav), is a religious obligation, it appears as an important from like the azan, which is known as the most important symbol of muslims in other societies. In addition to being the foretelling of a worship, Sala is also recite for the purpose of gaining courage in times of fear, finding relief in times of sadness, and celebrating victory in times of joy. Throughout history, Salas have been recite while comprehending special days and nights and feast days. These Salas were also recite to increase the courage of the army and the people participating in the war in times of war. This strenght and courage gave them confidence and instilled a sense of struggle against the enemy. This consciousness has prepared the ground for a strong emotional change in human psychology. This change, combined with the feeling of devotion to the Prophet Muhammad (sav), strengthened the sense of morale and motivation in people both individualty and socially.


Religious Music Form, Sala, Salawat, Voice, Courage, Confidence.