Anatole France’ın Thais Romanı İle Mantıku’t-Tayr’daki “Şeyh San’an” Hikâyesinin Muhtevası Üzerine Bir Karşılaştırma

Thais is a novel written by the French writer Anatole France, who received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1921, and was first published in 1890. There are two main characters in the novel: Pafnüs, a monk who spends his days in seclusion in a desert in Egypt and spends his days in worship, and the beautiful Thais, who made a living as a prostitute in Alexandria for a while, then became a theater actress and whose fame spread throughout the city. Paphnus remembers watching Thais in the theater when he was younger and sets out to Alexandria to turn her into God's way. Sheikh San'an is an inner story in Feridüddin Attâr's Mantıku't-Tayr. Sheikh San'an, a great religious scholar who has forty pilgrims and hundreds of followers, sees that he is worshiping an idol in the Greek country one day, and he goes to the roads and seeks the wisdom in this dream. There he falls in love with a Greek girl and forgets all the worship he has done until that day, gives up divine love and falls in love with human beings. The theme of love in the works led the main characters to go on a journey and this situation started the plot in the works. In this study, an examination of the ways of expression was made based on the similarity of the main event in the fiction of the two works, one of which belongs to Western and the other to Eastern literature. In the examination, similar and different aspects in the works were determined and the findings were revealed with quotations from the texts. It has been seen that the difference of perspective in these works belonging to different literatures is also reflected in the behaviors of the main heroes in the works.


Thais, The Story of Sheikh San'an, analysis of the work, text comparison.