Sinop'ta Halk Hekimliği ve Halk Dilinde Sağlık Deyişleri

Folk medicine has been practiced since mythological times, sometimes to get rid of diseases and sometimes to protect; Today, it can be defined as a set of empirical, rational or magical-religious traditional procedures for the purpose of diagnosing and curing diseases in cases where there is difficulty in reaching treatment or when modern medicine cannot be a cure and is insufficient. As in many parts of Anatolia, folk medicine is very common in Sinop and its region. In our study, the folk medicine practices in Sinop were discussed and the treatment methods applied by the local people were revealed in the light of the information obtained by the field research method. Physicians who are given names such as Ocaklı, Ocakçı, Leave, Oğmacı, Sinıkçı in Sinop; magically, by transcribing, parpuling, emery made from plants, emery of animal and mineral origin, fumigation, waving, entanglement, hair, adornment, lead pouring, cutting, question and answer, washing, peeling and freezing, making changes, reading and blowing, bloodless by sacrificing, quartering, naming, spitting, veiling, groping, reining, circling, frightening, waving, meeting, making sevens and eights, amulets, slicing, shearing, navel plastering, nailing, stealing, nailing, from evil spirits abduction treatments are carried out. It is seen that these treatments, in which old Turkish beliefs and traditions are blended with Islamic motifs, have survived to the present day. In our study, we compared and evaluated the treatment methods based on the cultural background and applied from the past to the present with the old Turkish belief system. We created our study by compiling from source people with semi-structured interview technique. We presented the source person list as a list at the end of our study. In addition, we have revealed the vocabulary related to folk medicine in the dialects of Sinop and its region, together with place names.


Sinop, Sinop and Its Region Dialects, Folk Medicine, Health Terms, Vocabulary.