Haldun Taner, Askad Muhtar ve Ölmes Umarbekov’un Eserleri Örneğinde Türk ve Özbek Tiyatro Eserlerinin Karşılaştırmalı Analizi


In the article, the theater works of Haldun Taner, Askad Muhtar and Ulmas Umarbekov, who are distinguished representatives of Turkish and Uzbek literature, were analyzed comparatively. A brief description of the life and works of these playwrights is also given, and their mastery of the drama genre is shown in the analysis of their works. Haldun Taner’s "Man of the Day", "I Close My Eyes, I Do My Duty", "And the mill was turning", "Outside People" theater plays were compared with Askad Muhtar's “Samandar” and Ulmas Umarbekov 's “Judgment” dramas and similarities between them were shown. The world of images in the dramas, the character traits of the heroes and the similarities and differences in the plot were investigated. The widespread elements of dramatic works in terms of identity, the nature of characters and the plot were studied. In particular, it provided general information about the works that played a significant part in the formation of the Uzbek and Turkish theatres. In addition the weaknesses of the old system, its outdated mentality and its results are revealed with satirical pictures in Askad Muhtar and Ulmas Umarbekov's works. It reflects the lifestyle of today's people uniquely. Haldun Taner granted dignity to social transformation and his works reflected the Turkish society, which was changing together with legislation. The article reveals the literary creativity of three writers Haldun Taner, Askad Muhtar and Ulmas Umarbekov, remarking on their economic and political worldviews, superiority in foreign languages, and their versatility as journalists.  In this context, the joint works of formal styles have been analyzed comparatively.

Keywords: Turkish Theatre, Uzbek Theatre, Comparative Analysis, Drama Genre, Hero, Stage, Cabaret Theatre, Literary İnfluence.


Türk tiyatrosu, Özbek tiyatrosu, karşılaştırmalı analiz, drama türü, kahraman, sahne.